What I have always wanted to do.

When I was a little girl growing up on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin, my aunt Sharron was a free wheeling hippy that spent a year (or more) on a house boat on the Mississippi. They would dock it in LaCrosse, WI sometimes and my family would cut though the thick woods off the side of the highway to go and visit her and her companion at whatever free spot they could find to dock. Sharron was into photography, making jewelry and just living an adventurous life. I adored my Aunt Sharron and it wasn’t too long after this point I started shooting rolls and rolls of film. Making my siblings sit and pose, while I tried to figure out what settings I would want the camera set at. I am truly grateful for being able to learn this way. It was something I just loved to do, not something I was trying to make money at doing (until later in life). I got to enjoy the bliss of just creating images for myself, whatever called to me at the time, or whatever adventure I was on with my family (mainly canoeing). Photography is how I support my family today and for the last 14 years, but I always go back to that open feeling of just creating great images when I am working with clients. Trying to capture something that make them who they are or who they are as a family. Nothing is better then the susses of a great session.

The image below was from my first roll of black and white film and still one of my favorites. It holds so much meaning for me.